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E-BIKE Goodyear Ego bike 2

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Goodyear Ego bike2 (Mountain E-Bike)

(Top speed 25km/h Range 80-90km/charge)

Technical Specifications 

Samsung: 36 V | 10.4 Ah Lithium ion 

Top speed : 25kmh

Range : 80-90 km

Ego bike2

Is among the market's lightest-powered MTB (18 kg) With its innovative carbon fiber (T700) frame, it's incredibly strong and very lightweight (27.5 * 17). Battery pack is designed and integrated in the frame to give the bike a cleaner line.

My mounted engine to give the bike a low and even weight distribution.

The Bofeili T210 is powered by torque converter, torque of all 70N.M. Wheels from recognized CST. SR SUNTOUR advancer, which gives you a reliable and accurate response in the woods. Shimano ACERA brakes that provide the brake reliability required. Shifting world-class complete Shimano ACERA switches.


The front suspension system is made of integrated aluminum that is light and strong, which improves control and collision performance to a whole new level. 


Drive and brake from Shimano -ACERA series.